Dan Daley Commissioned to Author Key New Chapter on Digital Distribution
for the eighth edition of David Baskerville’s acclaimed
Music Business Handbook and Career Guide

Dan Daley was commissioned by the estate of David Baskerville to author the
key chapter on digital music and distribution for the eighth edition of Baskerville’s renowned college and university textbook, Music Business Handbook andCareer Guide. The book, which was originally published 30 years ago, hasendured and sold hundreds of thousands of copies through academic programs globally.

Dan Daley, the most widely published author and journalist in professional audio and media manufacturing/distribution technologies, was hired by the Baskerville family to write the chapter that will help take this acclaimed text into the next century.

"Thank you! What a fine job. It's a pleasure to work with material that's so well written," remarked Lynnette Penning, Project Manager.

The eighth edition of Music Business Handbook and Career Guide will bepublished in early 2005.